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Walden West (OIR) C. Purtymun (N) 1999
Plant: 20 in. (51 cm) diameter, 46 in. (117 cm) high; mound-like; fast.
Leaf: 11.00 in. (27 cm) long, 9.00 in. (22 cm) wide; 15 pairs of veins; light green; dark green margin; slightly shiny on top; glaucous bloom underneath; cordate base;
Scape: 32 to 36 in. (81 cm) long; green.
Flower: 2 in. (5.58 cm) long; bell; Scotts Mills, OR - July 15 - August 30;
Seed: green seed pod;
[Sport of H. 'Abiqua Recluse']

This is a MUST for any hosta garden! Super substance, super growth habit! See "more info" for fully leafed out pic.

2007 Hosta of the Year.

Paradigm fully leafed out

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