Welcome to my garden! Gardening in an area with very cold temps and an unreliable snow cover can be challenging, so you can bet that whatever I offer, it's hardy. If anything has taken a beating from weather conditions, I'll tell you that too and won't sell something I wouldn't like to receive.

I am a backyard daylily hybridizer and every year there are new additions. I am always thrilled to find new things to work with, please check them out in my NEW section.

Site needs more updates, but it's always a work in progress. If you see a plant you like, please don't hesitate to contact me - all daylilies are listed as "Display", but are probably available. (Sorry, Ned Roberts' seedlings are not currently available.)

Most images taken in my own garden and much time and effort went into taking them, so please do not use them for commercial purposes without permission. Anyone is welcome to download for your own personal use.

Thank you for visiting, enjoy!

Mary Anne Leisen

Wheaton, IL, zone 5

a/k/a Twig (thanks to Ned Roberts)

Email: ma_leisen@yahoo.com


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