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F. Nyikos (ONIR) 2003
Plant: 36 in. (91 cm) diameter, 15 in. (38 cm) high; mound-like; fast.
Leaf: 7.00 in. (17 cm) long, 3.50 in. (8 cm) wide; 6 to 7 pairs of veins; dark green; pale yellow margin; slightly rippled; slightly shiny on top; dull underneath; moderately wavy, lightly folded and very lightly twisted; lance; tapered to slightly rounded base; petiole is sometimes cream edge extends down the petiole.
Scape: 21 to 26 in. (53 cm) long;
Flower: 1.75 to 2 in. (4.95 cm) long; tubular; Unionville, IN - Aug 15 to Oct 1;
Seed: green seed pod;
Clump History: original seedling; 4 yrs old; Unionville, IN;
Notable Characteristics: holds well all season with quick growth rate
Seasonal Variation: margin changes to creamy white
[H. 'Beatrice' × H. 'Katrina Jo']

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