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When I first started collecting daylilies 20 years ago, I introduced myself to a lady who lived only a block away from me. She had very little front lawn, which is very unusual in our suburban neighborhood. She collected and hybridized "bagels", the round form. She educated me on the finer points and eventually hyjacked me to the legendary Big Tree Garden, which illustrated the many forms of what had been done in hybridizing up until that point in time. That's where I discovered that I did not care for bagels as much as spiders and unusual forms. I then embarked on a journey to discover those forms, as well as polys. It has been quite a trip to see where they have all come from and continue to evolve.

15 years ago, my same mentor introduced me to the world of hosta and I was lucky enough to start out with plants from another friend, Mark Zilis. Since then, that obsession has continued to grow...:)

Thank you for looking!


I am in Wheaton, IL, zone 5, with no reliable snow cover from year to year. Whatever I have, it's HARDY! As in all daylilies and hosta, the older more common varieties are more plentiful and I ship plentiful when I can. I do not ship singles of anything.

Ordering is easiest via email - please let me know what you're interested in and I'll get back to you asap.

Payment preferred by check or money order. PayPal also accepted.



All orders shipped via USPS 2-day Priority Mail. Daylilies are $10.00 for first three plants, $0.75 for each additional, depending on your zip. Hosta shipping varies by time of year, size, weight and by your zip.

All plants are carefully wrapped to ensure safe delivery. Hosta do require additional care, as seen here but also rolled up to minimize damage to the leaves.:)

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