I am a hobby/backyard gardener and less than half of my plants are listed for sale. Many of the pics are older and need to be updated, because of course, they've grown! Every year, more varieties will be added and it's always a challenge to keep up.:)

Many growers offer only one or two eyes and you don't always know whether you're getting a mature plant or an immature liner unless you contact the grower. My plants are not lined out and are garden grown. You will receive** 2 or more mature eyes,**unless otherwise noted. Divisions will be from the mother clump, which is done as gently as possible.

Descriptions are directly from the AHS website, with some comments of mine directly below. Prices are well within those of the "Hosta Finder."

From my customers:

"I bought a box full of her hosta plants. They are fantastic and generous. It was like they didn't know they had been moved and divided. No sulking at all. ...I am very pleased with my hosta from Mary Anne."
Sally, OH

"Listen, Girl, you pack those babies that way every time you ship to me!LOL... They arrived in fantastic shape, actually just got in from watering them this morning, and they are standing tall, you would not know they are new this season!"
Donna, NC

"The packaging was great - no problem - and they arrived in nice shape... I love these hosta already. Can't wait til they get settled in and start growing!"
Robin, CA

"I got your package and you sent WAY too much! Thanks anyway.:)... I was expecting them to be unfurled when you said that you were so far behind. The big ones are HUGE! Thanks again!"
Teresa, KY

"Thanks, Mary Anne! Excited to see the hosta grow-first time I've mail ordered those. They're HUGE!"
Laura, MO 5/30/15

"They are gorgeous! I'm really impressed with your packing. Thank you for taking so much trouble. When I need more hostas I know where to go! I'm off to soak them. Yippee! I'm excited!"
Leslie, SC 5/31/15

"Your hostas are over and above what most send. Love the gift, thanks."
Sally, OH 6/6/15

"I received an awesome box of hosta from Mary Anne Leisen. The plants were huge and healthy... You will not be disappointed."
Teresa, KY 5/14/15

So happy. They are so healthy and honestly don't look like they even know they've have been transplanted!"
Penny, IL 5/18/16

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